A Forest of Doorways

River Kenna
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The archived materials from my "A Forest of Doorways" workshop on imaginal practice.

The workshop covers 3 areas: Views (what is this practice for?), Images (what is this practice?), and Activation (what do I do?), and gives 4 introductory practices to help you find your way into your imaginal forest.

This is meant for anyone interested in image-work and the imaginal, as well as anyone who would benefit from an increased sense of possibility, soulfulness, and self-understanding in their lives.


Pay what you want, keeping in mind that:
-The original workshop cost $187.50
-The group-discussion element of the workshop was a significant part of the experience (not available in just the materials, obviously)
-My ideas on the imaginal have shifted since this workshop
-My ideas on how to teach these materials have shifted since the workshop
-One or two parts of these materials refer back to discussions/ideas that took place in group discussions, which you may need to reconstruct from context clues
-Attendees regularly told me the workshop opened new possibilities for them and their practice

All in all, feel free to pay the minimum donation, while keeping in mind that a lot of work went into making this available, and that the more income I get from this, the more time and effort I'll be able to put into making future versions of somatic-imaginal practice available.

Thank you for the support, I hope you find something to love here.

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access to the website with all the readings, videos, and practices from the archived workshop

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A Forest of Doorways

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