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Somatic Resonance course (v1.0)

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Somatic Resonance course (v1.0)

River Kenna
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Resonance takes place in relationship between things; it’s an alignment of their qualities into something soulful and evocative.

Too often, our relationship with the body is broken. We try to control it, coerce it, coax it into doing what we want, looking how we want, behaving how we want. The relationship is one-sided, between a person (“me”) and an object (“this stubborn uncooperative body”).

But your body isn’t an object.

In Somatic Resonance, we move back into right relationship with the body, we find alignment with the lived experience of our felt body.

Meditation, attention, movement, and careful noticing of experience are our tools, leading us toward a closer, deeper, friendlier relationship with our lifelong companion: the body.

Welcome to Somatic Resonance, where we stop silencing the body and finally treat it like the friend & teacher it is.

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Notes on Course:

  1. This course is not only self-paced, but almost entirely self-guided as well. Every person’s approach and relationship to the body carries a unique imprint of who they are—so this course needs to reflect and allow for those unique approaches. The format goes like this:
    1. A 5-lesson mini-course at the beginning, laying out all the key concepts and practices to get started with.
    2. Followed by “Trail Guides” that lead you through a larger forest of materials (pages, videos, practices…); you can either follow the trail guides, or move through the material on a path of your own choosing.
  2. I say "Course," but Somatic Resonance is better described as an expanding garden of material that will continue growing and changing over time. You'll benefit greatly from returning to the course from time to time, checking on new pages and practices, new videos and guided meditations. My hope is that the course will provide key insights and practices for every step of your journey, as it continues to unfold.
  3. We are still in the early days of this course, so if you find anything you'd like changed, added, or explained further, don't hesitate to contact me; I love receiving feedback that makes the course more helpful and enjoyable for everyone.
  4. I will occasionally be running small cohorts to delve into the course in a more social container. Small groups, questions, and discussions have been priceless in developing and transmitting this material, and I'd love to continue offering that to all of you, so keep an eye out for when those become available.

(note: you'll be automatically added to the course with the e-mail you use to purchase this--this process may take a few hours, depending on when I'm at my computer; please contact me directly if a different e-mail address is more convenient for you.)

See you soon,


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